2008 Recipients


Ho`opono Services for the Blind Program - $2000
John Koki, Community Services Coordinator

We create an environment where students gain the knowledge, skills and positive attitude about blindness they need to achieve success in life.” Our Vision Statement is: “Blindness is not a barrier to success.

UH College of Languages - $2000
Dean Joseph H. O'Mealy
Two $1000 Scholarships

UH College of Arts and Humanities - $2000
Dean Thomas Bingham
Two $1000 Scholarships

Pu`uhale Elementary School - $2000
Calvin Nomiyama, Principal
5th Year Recipient - Support for Literacy Program

Lanakila Elementary School - $3621
Gerianne Lee, Principal
Returning Recipient - Support for Literacy Program

Dole Middle School Special Education Program - $2431
Myron Monte, Principal
2nd Year Recipient - Scholarship for Special Ed Teacher